There are two types of WordPress sites :

  1. where you have a domain hosted by WordPress and it’s free.
  2. which is run on self-hosted sites etc; you pay for the domain and for hosting. This site is a self-hosted site.

OK, you have come here because you don’t need the “Why” of This site is a stripped down version. Watch a video once, then the second time pause the video and follow instructions. You can watch all videos first there is a lot of overlap.

(If you want your own dot com go here)

Watch all videos full screen, don’t click on any links until you have watched the associated video. (You may have to turn up your volume) All links open a new tab. Watch full screen – I have the videos on my own server, so much clearer than youtube.


    1. Go to
    2. Think of a name and register it. is a good start
    3. Change the theme,  Themes: Twenty Sixteen is a good theme and I recommend it. Go to – Appearance then Themes and if it’s not there type in twenty in the search box. All the twenty family will come up they are all good. You can play till you get one you like. There are hundreds of free themes and you can change your theme very easily.
    4. Add a post.
    5. Change your Permalinks in Dashboard/Settings/Permalinks to Post Name – I’m afraid you can’t do this with a site they have removed it. But it’s still there on self-hosted sites.

Your first post, go to

The forward slash / is under the question mark on most keyboards

  1. Open up the dashboard at /wp-admin
  2. Practice using the post editor
  3. Making a post (If you can use a word processor this is easy)

    1. Insert an image and a video.
    2. Keep all your images in your image folder
      A couple of things about adding an image. By aligning left or right your text will flow around it and If you click on the edit pencil you can add a link, a URL so that if someone clicks on the image they will go to the URL. (Universal Resource Locator, a web address). You can resize the image using the sizing handles in the corners.You can also insert a gallery of pictures using the ‘Add Media’ button.Have a play around.

      Thanks to

      The video below is worth a watch it recaps and adds some detail I missed.


That’s all you need to get started.

Now you can go back to or go have a look at

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